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  • Should You Invest In NFT’S?
    What is an NFT? A non-fungible token (NFT) is a cryptographically unique, decentralized digital asset. These tokens are not interchangeable, unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin which can be sent to others and exchanged for other currencies or goods/services. Each NFT is unique or has a fixed list of individually owned properties. What do you do …

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  • Pokemon Dioramas Look Amazing!
    These Pokemon Dioramas I made bring the classic Pokémon world we know and love into a new dimension; the third dimension! Check out below the Pokemon Red diorama I made. This diorama incorporates Pixel art of Charizard, Charmeleon and Charmander encapsulated inside a clear acrylic cube. Pokemon Red Diorama Check out the step by step …

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  • Unique Hydro Dipped Shoes
    If you want to buy some unique and customized shoes that will be sure to get your friends talking then look no further than custom made hydro dipped shoes. This unique product is a trend that has swept the world over the past few years and reached new heights in popularity with users on social …

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I am an independent artist that customises shoes, paints canvas art, drawings by hand, custom clothing, accessories, and more.

I make custom art videos on YouTube, mainly hydro dipping Nike Air Force 1 and hand painting Air Force 1's. I made this website so I can offer the very best bespoke items such as custom shoes, sneakers, trainers, hoodies, T-Shirts, custom accessories, and more! Please Subscribe to my YouTube so I can afford to give away products for free.
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