Why you should get your shoes customized

Customising your shoes is a growing movement. It helps you to stand out from the crowd by wearing genuine pieces of art on your feet and is one of the hottest fashion trends in the world right now. Are you wondering if buying custom sneakers/trainers is the right option for you? Here are three reasons why you should upgrade your shoes today:

Me Hydro Dipping Joker Nike Air Force 1 Shoes https://youtu.be/tfgFC5NgTuw

Truly unique
Why wear the same clothing as everyone else? When you choose custom-designed shoes you will be able to own shoes that truly fit your style. These original pieces of art are designed specifically around you, allowing you to get as creative as you like. Utilising professional trainer/sneaker artists will guarantee you can bring your vision to life, ensuring you are always able to stand out in the crowd.

My Custom Made Hydro Dipped Joker Nike Air Force 1

Transform plain boring looking shoes
If your sneakers/trainers are looking a little boring, then customising your shoes is a great way to give them a completely new lease of life! No matter whether you want to hydro drip your sneakers/trainers, transform their look with vibrant acrylic paint or give them that unique styling with high-quality fabric, customising your shoes is a great way to help you upgrade existing bland sneakers/trainers.

Showcase your style
Want to show off your support of your favourite team? Want to bring your favourite movie character to life? Creating custom sneakers/trainers is a great way to help you to showcase your style when you are out and about! When you work with a custom trainer/sneaker artist, they will be able to create innovative and one-of-a-kind pieces of art that ensure you will always be able to attract people’s attention!

Look below at how beautiful you can make plain boring shoes look! Buy the Angelus leather paints I use here: https://angelusdirect.com/customkirby10

Mosaic Nike Air Force 1


From the very beginning, my aim has always been to provide every single one of my clients with an unrivalled service that is specifically designed around their requirements. For too long, shoe and clothing designers have been offering consumers an identical style of fashion. Whilst this might be a cost-effective solution for them, no two people are the same, which is why my mission is to help you to bring your own unique and individual style into reality.
No matter what you might be envisioning, when you wear Custom Kirby designed shoes I want you to feel empowered and confident in tackling whatever the world might have in store for you. The right clothing and style can transform how you feel about yourself, which is why to help each of my customers unlock their true potential. To do this, I have created a wide range of unique services to help my clients give their shoes a truly unique upgrade that is guaranteed to help them stand out from the crowd:

Fabric upgrades
When it comes to sneakers/trainers and shoes, designers and manufacturers want to give their customers a stylish solution, but their main priority is maximising their profit margin. That means that across the globe thousands of identical shoes are pumped out into the market for consumers to buy and whilst they might look great, no one likes to head out for the day only to find dozens of people wearing the same shoes as them.

That is why at Custom Kirby, I want to give you the ability to stand out from the rest of the world with a stunning, bespoke design. My fabric upgrades will transform your shoe by attaching high-quality, and even luxury designer fabrics to key areas, helping you to create an instantly eye-catching design.
I can help you upgrade any sneaker/trainer you like, adding luxury material from iconic brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry to key areas to create a truly unique design. I can help transform any shoe, but one of the most popular services I offer is my made-to-order Nike Air Force 1 Tartan, which sees a Burberry-styled fabric expertly attached to the iconic Nike swooshes as well as the heel and tongue label.
Worldwide shipping, I guarantee that this upgrade is fully waterproof and UV resistant, ensuring your shoe can look as stylish as possible for a long time to come. My proven affixing methods also ensure that the material will not fray over time either.

Hydro Dipping
In recent years, Hydro Dipping has become one of the most popular ways of transforming your belongings. Everything from your PlayStation controller to the panels of your dirt bike, to your Shoes, can be Hydro Dipped, with this unique printing process capable of being applied to everything including plastic, leather, wood, and metal.

Hydro Dipped Joker Sneakers/Trainers

Hydro Dipping your favourite pair of sneakers/trainers is one of the best ways to give your tired kicks a new lease of life or ensure your new shoes can become the centre of attention! If you have seen the countless videos of Hydro Dipping online, you might think that it looks easy, but for truly beautiful finishes it takes a lot of time and care.
Here at Custom Kirby, I know exactly what it takes to transform your shoes and give you the high-quality finish that you deserve. I can help you to create your dream design but one of my most popular projects recently was transforming a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s with a unique Joker-themed design.
Working with the client, I was able to help them turn their cartoon fantasy into a reality with an awesome design, topped off with perfectly matching purple laces to ensure they were able to live out their Joker dream. I always like to showcase my designs so my customers know exactly what to expect, and this particular project has been viewed by over 3.2 million people on YouTube so far – check it out on the link below:

Epoxy Clay Sculptures And Shoe Add Ons
Who is your favourite film or book character? Whoever it might be, imagine being able to take that icon with you wherever you go! My unique Custom Kirby Epoxy Upgrade service has been designed to allow customers to take their favourite characters with them throughout their day-to-day activities.

Hand Made Epoxy Clay Roses Added To Heels

I will work with you to build unique, epoxy clay sculptures of anything you like.
I can also add custom epoxy clay to the rigid parts of shoes, such as the heel, to ensure you can enjoy a product that truly stands from the crowd.

Ever imagined a pair of shoes so unique, that you immediately capture the attention of everyone around you? My Acrylic Leather Paint service has been specifically designed to help you do just that! Utilising alcohol-based pigment ink and water-based acrylic paints, I can help you to create a truly eye-catching and bespoke shoe that is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. Buy Angelus leather paints so you can customise your shoes here: https://angelusdirect.com/customkirby10

Angelus Leather Paints

I make all of my stencils, ensuring that each design is truly unique and bespoke to you, whilst I also guarantee completely clean lines on any logos or texts, allowing them to remain as vibrant and captivating as possible. I also offer my clients airbrushing and hand-painted customs too, meaning that whatever you are picturing, Custom Kirby can turn it into a reality!
One of the most popular Acrylic Leather Paint upgrades I offer is my glitch cartoon design – Nike Air Force 1.
These awesome shoes first undergo a deglazing process before I hand paint the unique cartoon artwork, to give you an immediately eye-catching design that is fully waterproof and UV resistant, ensuring that they always look as fantastic as possible and will not fade over time.

Are you looking to give your team a unique style? Want to upgrade your clothing with a powerful design that is bespoke to you? Here at Custom Kirby, I know how important standing out from the crowd can be.

Pikachu T-Shirt
Pikachu wearing Ash’s cap T-Shirt

That is why alongside providing customers with truly unique and beautifully designed shoes, I also help customers make an impact with the rest of the clothing they wear. I provide my clients with custom clothing of their design. That means whatever design you might have in mind, I will help you turn that vision into a reality! From custom t-shirts to hoodies, jumpers, and everything in-between. At Custom Kirby, I utilise proven heat press vinyl and printed design methods to create unique garments designed just for you!
If you don’t have any ideas of your own I have created a boutique range of clothing with my custom artwork, such as my custom Drippy Watermelon and World Greetings shirts. Both options are made from 100% Supima Cotton, ensuring that they are incredibly soft and provide customers with a high-quality, luxury finish. I will be adding more designs in the future and looking to work with other artists and create more, amazing clothing options.

Custom Kirby can also help you to create completely bespoke shoes for major events such as weddings, events, businesses, and advertising requirements.
So whatever you might be looking for, here at Custom Kirby I guarantee that we will work with you to help you turn your vision into a reality. So no matter your needs or the occasion, I can help you to stand out from the crowd with innovative and high-quality artwork.

If you are looking to customise Nike Air Force 1, or any other shoes, then Custom Kirby is here for you! I strive to provide my clients with the very best custom sneaker/trainer design possible, and as an artist, I can help you bring whatever you are envisioning to life!
Custom Kirby provides customers around the world with the highest quality custom footwear, custom t-shirts, custom glasses, custom accessories, and even custom artwork! That means whatever you might be looking for, I can help you! and everything that I produce for my clients is created by me in my state-of-the-art private studio in England. Custom Kirby customises everything by hand and can transform all kinds of garments and accessories.
Trainer/sneaker customisation is incredibly popular, but if you are looking to upgrade your shoes then you want to ensure that you are receiving the very best service with proper prep work and quality artwork that is genuinely unique. Custom Kirby focuses on providing you with truly unique design and I guarantee the highest quality of art too.
All of our custom sneakers/trainers are made to order and everything that we create is specifically designed to be incredibly durable. Custom Kirby’s mission is to ensure each client can enjoy a long-lasting, but the wearable solution – after all, what use is a custom trainer if you cannot show it off!
Alongside providing bespoke custom trainer artwork, I offer clients a selection of Custom t-shirts as well, all produced on high-quality cotton, which ensures maximum comfort, longevity, and style!
Custom Kirby does not stop there though. We also provide unique cushions, accessories, and even face masks – ensuring you can look stylish and stay protected during the pandemic.
I pride myself on my customer service and promise to give you the very best products possible. Whatever you are envisioning, I will use a host of the latest customising techniques to turn that vision into a reality. If you want to check out some of my most recent designs or see how I make my creations, you can follow the project on my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/CustomKirby

Custom Kirby has already made a big impact on the custom trainer/sneaker artwork market! I have created a wide range of unique pieces of trainer/sneaker art, here are some of our best sellers:

Custom Plaid Tartan Nike Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1 Tartan
Custom Nike Air Force 1 Plaid Tartan Burberry side view

This is one of the most popular products in the Custom Kirby range and is perfect for helping you take Nike Air Force 1 to the next level. The plaid material is attached to the iconic Nike swoosh as well as the heel and tongue label, giving them a unique and stunning finish that has a similar look to Burberry shoes.
These shoes are also fully waterproof and UV-resistant, ensuring they will always look fantastic and can be shipped anywhere in the world!

Cartoon Nike Air Force 1

Another very popular custom trainer design that we provide here at Custom Kirby is our hand-painted Cartoon Design Nike Air Force 1. Each shoe is made to order and I first begin by deglazing the factory finish off of the shoe, then painting the unique design that makes them look like they have come straight out of a cartoon!
Shoes are made to be worn, which is why every Custom Kirby creation is designed to be durable and long-lasting. By utilising high-quality acrylic leather paint, each shoe is both waterproof and UV-resistant, giving you the best finish possible.

Joker Hydro Dipped Air Force 1

Custom Joker AF1

Everyone loved the Joker movie, so to celebrate this epic movie I thought I would create the ultimate Joker Nike Air Force 1s. Utilising the Hydro Dipping technique, I first masking taped the shoe before dipping it into special Joker-themed graphics.

The epic finish features the legendary Joker and was topped off with purple laces – making them perfect to wear whilst watching the movie! The high-quality finish stands out from the crowd and Custom Kirby can also help you to recreate your favourite movie or comic characters with custom tribute shoes.

The Joker Nike Air Force 1s have been incredibly popular and the video has currently been watched by over 3.2 million people on my YouTube channel! Watch it here: https://youtu.be/tfgFC5NgTuw

I have more Joker designs that I can’t wait to show you all. Hand-pained batman shoes coming soon!

Harley Quinn Nike Air Force 1s

Of course, if the Joker was getting new shoes, I couldn’t leave Harley Quinn out! That is why I decided to create a unique hydro-dipped Nike Air Force 1 to celebrate “The Birds of Prey” movie. The hydro-dipped and hand-painted design was finished off with red and blue laces to make it truly pop!

Me Hydro dipping and hand painting Harley Quinn Nike Air Force 1 https://youtu.be/JgSZQfwkMX8

You can check out how I made them in a unique video on my Custom Kirby YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/JgSZQfwkMX8?list=PLAyAaHf6-rPwWS736jCRecfRtOfEsHT05

Are you looking to shake up your look and enjoy custom design shoe art? Custom Kirby is here to help you! I want my customers to look and feel great, which is why I strive to provide the very best artwork and service possible.
I design and create everything by hand in a high-quality private art studio and I can ship my products across the globe. Although it is my custom-designed shoes that are most popular, Custom Kirby also provides a massive choice of custom accessories and clothing, so whatever you are looking for, get in touch today and see how I can help you.

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Footwear is essential. It is something that most of us have an abundance of and if you look in your cupboard right now, the chances are you have countless pairs of shoes stacked up. From those everyday shoes you wear day in and day out to those battered and well-worn options that you just cannot bring yourself to throw away, they all play an important role in your appearance.
In this modern age though, shoes are much more than just a way of protecting your feet. For hundreds of years, they have been as much of a stylish accessory as they are a functional necessity. After all, the saying “judge a man by his shoes” is a well-known concept around the world and research has shown that women will judge a man by his shoes, twice as much as men would judge a woman!
With that in mind, it is only right that you will want to look your very best and have the most attractive shoes possible. However, how many times have you been out shopping only to find yet another pair of white sneakers/trainers that are identical to thousands of other options on the market? In this modern world that we live in, we can customise everything that we do, ensuring standing out from the crowd has never been easier, yet when it comes to shoes for some reason we all seem to wear the same design.
That is why here at Custom Kirby, I wanted to create something special. My mission is to help you to stand out from the crowd through innovative and unique design options that can transform your shoes into a truly bespoke, one-of-a-kind piece of art! I’ve always had a passion for art and fashion, so a few years ago I began to combine the two, upgrading my friends’ shoes and clothing with bespoke, high-quality, and stylish additions that were guaranteed to help them stand out from the crowd for all of the right reasons.
Seeing their reaction and the impact that the custom designs I created had on the people they met when they were out and about spurred me on to offer my services further, and Custom Kirby was born! Since then, I’ve strived to provide the most innovative design solutions possible, from hydro-dripping sneakers/trainers to upgrading tired-looking shoes with unique designer fabrics, I want my customers to not only look great but feel fantastic.
More recently, I’ve also begun to branch my artwork out further and have begun to create clay sculptures and canvas paintings too, ensuring your home can now look as stylish and unique as you do!

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